Lifehome is literally the opportunity of a lifetime to plan for every major milestone and event that life might throw at you: first home, new family, adapting to injury and ageing - liveable, accessible and adaptable. This is the essence of your "lifehome".

Homes for every stage of life

Adopting the principles contained in the Liveable Housing Guidelines, "lifehome" aims to promote a realistic approach to the planning and construction of homes for the future. The concept is to build houses that utilise some basic principals of liveability to meet the needs of people at all stages of life, especially to those living with injury and the ageing.

What is Liveable Housing Australia?

Liveable Housing Australia (LHA) is a partnership between community and consumer groups, government and industry. LHA champions the mainstream adoption of liveable housing design principles in all new homes built in Australia. LHA arose from the Kirribilli Dialogue on Universal Housing Design, which established nationally agreed guidelines on designing and building liveable homes.

These guidelines are readily available for all to view and adopt and the Liveable Housing Co. are dedicated to seeing these basic principles of liveability adopted as the standard for all residential homes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime to secure a home for every stage of your life.